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Tired of your local store’s selection and not being able to access all your favorite wine/beer in one location? OnBev is the solution. There are so many great products that this province has to offer and now you can shop for them on one site, make one purchase and recieve one shipment to your door.  From craft beer to innovative cider to world-class wine, it's all waiting for you right here.

"As someone who has spent considerable time exploring the wineries and breweries of Ontario and the rest of the world I have a huge amount of pride in the quality and development of our beverage industry over the last 10-20 years."
- Greg Lamb, OnBev Founder

The problem

What happens when a formerly disappointing Ontario alcohol industry has a dramatic transformation into a hotbed of world-class wine, beer and cider and our distribution systems can't keep up?  OnBev happens.  With 250+ breweries, 150+ wineries and 50+ cideries; there are simply too many great products to fit on the shelves of your local store. 


The Solution is to move them into the palm of your hand

The OnBev mission


Access:  OnBev gives you the Ontario craft alcohol industry in the palm of your hand.  No more travelling to Niagara or Prince Edward County to experience your favourite winery.  No more watching the schedule for when your travel takes you to one of the great beer towns/cities of Ontario.  No more hoping that today will be the day that your local store brings in some exciting new stock.

Consolidated Delivery:  There are many great producers in Ontario with webstores that give you the opportunity to buy their products and have them shipped to you anywhere in the province.  Most will even cover the shipping with a minimum purchase.  The problem arises when you want wine from several different wineries, beer from different breweries or maybe you want some cider as well.  Until now, this would lead to several different shipments, several different delivery fees and a very chaotic shopping experience.  OnBev brings all of those purchaces into one order with one delivery and one delivery fee.  Additionally, we are always putting a portion of the transaction towards the shipping; so the more you buy the cheaper the shipping becomes.

Support Local:  Who doesn't love to support local?  The hundreds of alcohol producers in Ontario employ thousands of people; thousands of neighbors, families and friends.  Just as important, the high quality of these producers is starting to give Ontario an identity.  Our cider, craft beer and wine are all world class but in our own unique ways.  Across the province tap rooms are bustling, winery tasting rooms are being filled with more and more curious patrons and cideries are seriously impressing long-time and first-time ciders drinkers alike.

The ultimate goal of OnBev is to function as a marketplace and as an online community; promoting Ontario products and producers while giving advocates a place to connect and discover new, great products.

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