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Tuesday 6th July 2021

Welcome to Ontario Beverages!

While we are always seeking to add more great Ontario producers to the marketplace, I'm taking a moment today to reflect on the great producers who are already a part of this unique marketplace.  At present we are partnered with 17 different producers that contribute to a very wide array of products from which you can shop.

Here's the lineup as of 07/06/21!

Calamus Estate Winery

Small, family owned winery offering two excellent and well priced products: Ball's Falls red and Ball's Falls white.

Domaine Queylus

Premium producer of predominantly pinot noir, chardonnay, cab franc and merlot.  They often slide under the radar but make no mistake Queylus produces some of the best wines in the province.

Featherstone Winery

Winemaker, David Johnson was awarded 2019 Ontario Winemaker of the Year. He and his wife, Louise Engel, own Featherstone and consistenly turn out a strong portfolio that is diverse and offers incredible value.

Fogolar Wines

What a gem.  Fogolar is a virtual winery operating out of Ridgepoint Winery.  They make small lot riesling, cab franc and some chardonnay.  These wines are as true to form as you will find at any price, though they are very sensibly priced.  A winery to watch for sure.

Icellars Estate Winery

Full-Bodied, Napa style wines dominate the portfolio of Icellars.  Some say we can't fully ripen our grapes in order to make wines in that style properly... those people haven't tried Icellars. 

Kacaba Vineyards Winery

Great producer of big, bold reds.  Syrah probably stands out as their top varietal but they also do so much with Bordeaux reds, pinot noir and chardonnay.  My favourite thing about Kacaba wines how they don't shy away from the use of oak.  New wines have a distinctively barnyard nose, in a very good way.  While older wines often develop deep aromas of smoke, jerky, old leather and cigars that really compliment the dark fruits.  A must for every cellar.

King's Court Estate Winery

Established in 1988, King's Court has been making extremely approachable wines while staying under the radar.  The value is exceptional as they produce a wide array of wines that you'd love to drink everyday.

Lakeview Cellars

The top tier of mega-producer, Lakeview Wine Co.  A lovely diversity to their portfolio as they will play with varietals that are not often used in the region.

Leaning Post Wines

Ilya and Nadia Senchuk are absolutely amazing people, who happen to also make world-class wine.  Everything has an extra level of finesse at Leaning Post. The Cuvée Winona and Gamay stand out to me as uniquely Leaning Post, lighter than you might expect but they really hold your attention.

Marynissen Estates Winery

Home to the oldest commercial plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Marynissen has deep roots in the Four Mile Creek sub-appelation.  These wines are approachable, rustic and value-driven.  Fill your fridge today!

Megalomaniac Winery

All around great producer with something for everyone. Broad array of products and price-points with great value throughout.  Also one of the better facilities to visit when we're out of the COVID woods, a stunning building perched atop the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment. Go!

Palatine Hills Estate Winery

Small, family owned and operated winery where chardonnay and Bordeaux reds own the day.  The majority of their products are in the lower and mid price points and always over-deliver. A real hidden gem just outside of NOTL.

Southbrook Vineyards

100% Organic and Biodynamic, Southbrook was named 2012 Canadian Winery of the Year. And I fully agree.  They produce full-bodied Bordeaux reds, stunning chardonnay, and IMO the best Gamay in the Province.  Fully organic and extremely green practices mixed with a wide variety of offerings and pricepoints make Southbrook one of the very best wineries in Ontario.

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Sue-Ann Staff is probably the kindest person in the wine industry. Winemaker, proprietor, marketer, dog-lover and social media extraordinaire; she's so well rounded that her incredible winemaking can get lost in the mix! She's a master with riesling and icewine but also really showcases that Ontario can grow almost any varietal well. Buy her wines and share them with your friends (when you can) at a BBQ or any post-COVID gathering.

Sunnybrook Winery

Not all wine is made from grapes! Sunnybrook is the lone producer in OnBev to specialize in fruit wine. Whether it's cherry, cranberry, apple, peach, etc., these wines offer flavour profiles completely outside of every other winery on this site.  If you like trying new things then Sunnybrook is a great place to start.  They also produce Ironwood hard cider, one of the most popular and easy drinking ciders on the market.

The Old Tun

Another virtual producer, The Old Tun makes everything; beer, wine, cider, you name it.  Everything is small batch and constantly rotating.  Currently their offerings are of ciders and sparkling wines but that will be changing constantly so keep checking back.  Whatever their offering du jour is, I can guarantee it will be delicious.

Westcott Vineyards

Westcott is a premium producer of chardonnay and pinot noir with a deft touch with sparkling wines, too.  They have a terrible problem of selling out of their wines very quickly so if you can get your hands on some, you jump on the opportunity.



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